Links 11/22/11

Links for you. Science:

Running Out of Antibiotics: Europe Gets It
Potential Personal Genomics
About Pepper Spray
US science agencies dodge deep cuts


Ghosts of a Different Dream
Militarization of Campus Police (I’m old enough to remember when campus cops didn’t even carry guns)
Retired police chief arrested in full uniform at Occupy Wall Street demo after branding fellow officers ‘obnoxious, arrogant and ignorant’ (interesting that this is in the Daily Mail)
Do Republicans Care About You?
Santorum: Americans Should Suffer (these are barbarous and cruel people)
Voices of the Near Poor
What Are They Thinking
Poor Neighborhoods Mean Fewer High School Grads
Dumb-ass Training and the U.C. Davis Pepper Spray Incident: Thoughts From a Former Cop (Peter Moskos is always worth a read)
The end of Arab Christianity
Ethics Dunce: An Unknown Diner

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1 Response to Links 11/22/11

  1. BigRed says:

    Dear Mad Biologist,

    with all due appreciation for your link collections (and I *do* appreciate them, they’re not good for my productivity in the office but great for expanding my horizon :)), I wonder a little bit about linking “The end of Arab Christianity”.

    With apologies for cross-posting, a slight modification of how I commented at Mr Khan’s blog directly:

    I agree that the issue is a very important one and one that is underreported and underconsidered.

    I have a bit of a problem with: “This is an issue which I think most of my Left-liberal friends simply seem unable to confront forthrightly: ethnic and religious cleansing are often the consequences of populist national self-determination.”, however.

    As Khan himself points out, the first action that brought about such an impact on a Middle Eastern Christian community was the invasion of Iraq in 2003, performed at the order of a socially-conservative-free-market-neoliberal president. As was in fact the bombardment of Libya’s regular forces (neither the UK, nor France or Italy had a “Left-liberal” government at the time).
    And while the center-left delude themselves into believing that some form of liberal democracy will arise from the ashes, I have not really heard anyone from the socially-conservative-free-market-neoliberal camp voicing their objections (or pointing out the likely impact on Christian communities).

    I don’t know anything Mr Khan but just from this piece, I feel the suspicion grow that it is an attempt of someone who is not part of the “Left-liberal” camp to stake out a “we told you so” position when this was in fact not the case.

    Since you usually catch this kind of double-dealing, I was just a bit surprised.

    best, BigRed (Germany)

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