Links 11/8/11

Links for you. Science:

Shame on you, NYU
Smithsonian bird researcher is convicted of trying to poison cats
Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (It’s Just So Darn Hard)
Data Referenced Journalism and the Media – Still a Long Way to Go Yet?


Improved Literacy Could Save Health Care (the title gets the argument backwards, but this is an excellent point about poverty and cognition–with references)
A primer on the Smart Grid for laymen.
Medicine is slowly facing the issue of futile care
Oakland Police Lacerate Army Ranger’s Spleen and Cause Internal Bleeding … Then Deny Him Medical Treatment for 18 Hours (let’s not forget, while these guys are very disciplined, they are, by definition, not disciples of non-violence. Just saying)
A Creditor’s Playland, or: Cato on Housing Crisis Policy
Goodbye, Wells Fargo; Hello, Credit Union
Tebow Exposed (again, the shallow talent pool of the religious right comes to the fore)
Ex-Mossad Chief: Radical-Right Jews More Dangerous than Iran
Pious racial indignation over Cain’s offenses (I can’t see anything this obvious ever published on the Washington Post’s or NY Times’ op-ed pages)
Occupy the Lot?: Used Car Industry Hits New Moral Low as New Subprime Bubble Swells

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