Links 11/4/11

Links for you. Science:

“And one more thing” about Steve Jobs’ battle with cancer (must-read)
The supposedly undiscussed elephant in the academic room
‘You Are Not So Smart’: Why We Can’t Tell Good Wine From Bad
Pharmageddon: The Vaccine Pseudo-Controversy


Why I support the 99% movement (must-read)
With A Stroke Of His Pen Obama Strikes Back At Citizens United
Solving America’s teen sex problem: The Dutch have dramatically reduced adolescent pregnancies, abortions and STDs. What do they know that we don’t?
The Altalena In Reverse
For drunk drivers, a habit of judicial leniency: When state judges hear OUI cases without a jury, they acquit the vast majority of defendants, no matter how blatant the alleged offense. It is one more way Massachusetts stands out nationally — for all the wrong reasons — on this crime. (some of the judges seem shady–this could be the proverbial tip of the iceberg)
Terms for Proposed Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Shock the Conscience
‘Real America’ Does Not Love Mitt Romney — and Isn’t Real
Bombs, Bridges and Jobs
Apple Gift Catalog, 1993
Spawn of Dowd: The planet’s least likely job!
More Non-Fiction, Simplified Elementary School Math: How the Common Core Could Change the American Curriculum (given that some states have excellent educational systems when compared to other countries, is this really a core curriculum problem?)

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