Links 10/18/11

Links for you. Science:

Speedy neutrino mystery likely solved, relativity safe after all (this is how science is supposed to work; also see this)
Will asking a question get your science paper cited more?
Global Handwashing Day – why you probably have poo on your phone.
Oxygen blew up ancient amoebas: Single-celled creatures’ size spiked as oxygen levels rose


‘False Equivalence’ Reaches Onionesque Heights, but in a Real Paper
We Are the 53% is Using Fake Images (that particular entry has been removed; this isn’t surprising, just par for the course)
Full Day Kindergarten: A Missing Half-Step in Our Schools
Infiltrating the Movement
Climate change is God’s will
Thomas Friedman, Bard of the 1 Percent, Reports on the Problem of Incompetent CEOs
I Was an Under-Age Semiotician (back in the day, we used to refer to Semiotics as the Department of Penis Studies)
As Many as 24 People Arrested for Trying to Close Accounts at #Citibank (I can think of no better way to give the movement sympathy than to arrest people for withdrawing their money)
We Are the 53%. Or not.
Diane Ravitch makes a funny

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