Links 10/16/11

Links for you. Science:

Best abstract EVAH!
The Most Surreal Insect on Earth
Q&A: Normality tests


Squeezed Out in India, Students Turn to U.S.
A Nobel for Freshwater Economics
The unfortunate uselessness of most ‘state of the art’ academic monetary economics
Dehumanizing the protesters
Stossel: Stupid on Steroids
Fantastic Number Nine
The 53 Percent, Progressive Era Edition
Operation Rescue Reveals Identity of Anonymous Abortion Doctor, Because Abortion Is Like Bank Robbery
McCain vows to nullify defense cuts if they’re triggered (this is important, since, if you can nullify the Supercommittee for defense spending, you can do it for any spending)
We’re not disorganized….
Why can’t I save them ALL?!?
What’s Next for Apple

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  1. Physicalist says:

    Best abstract EVAH.

    Heh. I gather that’s Michael Berry? He’s awesome.

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