Links 9/27/11 and Programming Note

I’ll be having something resembling a vacation for the next week and a half. But don’t worry, the blog will keep rolling on. I’ll celebrate with some links for you. Science:

Flu shot could have prevented nearly half of children’s deaths, CDC says
Enrolling in the School of Ants
SAM/BAM: It’s time for a single standard for assembly output
Fall, Flu Shots, and Fear
How the refrigerator got its hum


Tea Party Nihilists
Two in 10 Americans expect to be millionaires within a decade (we are a nation of fucking morons)
The theft of the American pension
A Middle Class White Guy
It’s a Long Way from Bunker Hill (good piece even if Moore mixes up Charlestown and Southie; Charlestown is northeast of Boston)
Are e-books tomorrow, or just the end of time?
SAT average score watch: The triumph of Brunidowdism!
Adventures in Being Married to a Scot
Qwikster online since April

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  1. physicalist says:

    I hope you have something resembling fun on your time that resembles a vacation.

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