Is So Punk Rock, and…

…your financial website is not. I found this sticker on a bench while waiting at Park Street (Boston, MA) for the Red Line:


I’ve checked out the website, and stickers aren’t part of their merch.

Is this a case of ‘rogue’ stickering?

I’m thinking Mike the Mad Biologist stickers wouldn’t be a bad thing…

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2 Responses to Is So Punk Rock, and…

  1. AMW says:

    I would totally buy MtMB stickers for rogue stickering.

  2. I like ZeroHedge but they’ve been promoting the end of the universe since about the beginning of the universe and it hasn’t happened. It’s getting a bit of the 2000 year old “rapture” schtick about it.

    Also buying silver was supposed to kill JP Morgan and with their short on silver and as far as I can tell it never did (though it probably made some silver merchants pretty happy).

    Still, you can learn a lot from there and they may ultimately be right. Perhaps the Apocalypse just isn’t going to be televised.

    Add me to the MtMB sticker club…

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