Links 9/2/11

A Young Scientist, Waiting for the Baboons to Do Something
Getting Doctors to Wash Their Hands
Don’t forget to count microbes (and Poland!)
Antibiotic Prescribing to Kids — Down, But Still Too Much
Considering a PhD?
Structural Aspects of Revising Your NIH Grant

Conservative pundits grapple with ‘anti-science’ charge, flail
Laugh at the Libertarian
Wate-On: “True Beauty Includes a Full Figure”
Is There a Word for a First World Nation Becoming a Third World Country?
When you’ve got friends like this … Part 6
How to Measure a Storm’s Fury One Breakfast at a Time
Texas and the Prison-Industrial-Complex
Is Rick Perry A Crook? Well, Absolutely– But Will Voters Even Care… IF They Find Out?
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?
Matt Stoller: Sell America to Communist China Faster, Says New York Fed Official and Schneiderman Foe Kathryn Wylde
Another reason not to park in front of a hydrant
When Did School Teachers Become The Enemy?
Irene and the Broken Window “Fallacy”
Obama keeps hitting record lows
Maryn McKenna describes life as “Scary-Disease Girl”
The Bearable Closeness of Being: Why Cities Create Community

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