Links 7/17/11

Links for you. Science:
File Under WTF: Did the CIA Fake a Vaccination Campaign? (the blowback from this is reprehensible even by CIA standards)
No Eureka Moments in Long U.S. Campaign to Crack Cellulosic Code
Petty controversy: Tea Partiers vs. endangered manatees
How To Drink Gatorade
Why the Biggest Energy Suck in Your House May Have to do With Your TV
Harvard and Class
Michelle Bachmann wants to fire my wife.
A Letter to Professor Dawkins from Victims of Sexual Assault
Building on history: Restaurant is set to be the latest tenant in the Old Corner Bookstore building, a site that has mirrored Boston’s commerce and culture
Bachmann: Schiavo was Healthy
How the bubble destroyed the middle class
A real Laffer
Jobs v. Low Wages: Council Debates Wal-Mart
Pinch-Hitting for Peterson. Part 1: How Progressives Helped Put Social Security on the Chopping Block
Pinch-Hitting for Peterson. Part 2: How Progressives Helped Stoke Deficit Hysteria; A Case Study

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  1. Don Atkinson says:

    About this whole CIA/bin Laden thing, ignore the moral implications of all of this for a moment. Just think about the plan.
    The plan was to administer vaccinations then somehow take the used needles and individually rewrap them and code them so you could track them back to an individual. Ever seen a mass immunization? The needles get dumped into a sharps container not individually rewrapped. Then they need to collect all those rewrapped needles from all those immunization workers who would have to know something very strange was going on and haul hundreds or thousands of these samples to a lab somewhere, process them all and run them through a forensic genotyping panel that had enough markers to infer a match given only the genotypes from the paternal grandparents of these kids? I doubt they had bin Laden’s direct genotype prior to them shooting him. They may have had bin Laden’s mother’s genotype but his father died in 1967. He had a ton of kids so it could have been inferred if enough of his wives & kids cooperated. They would not have bin Laden’s wives’ genotypes.
    Seriously, they expected this to actually work?

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