Links 7/5/11

Links for you. Science:
Why is Anthropogenic Global Warming Denialism Important?
Evolution machine: Genetic engineering on fast forward
100 Years of IBM in Pictures
The Intelligence of Beasts: Cognition researchers move past ‘chimpocentric’ theories, raising new questions about human uniqueness
Earth to Democrats: It’s Not Just the Tea-GOP Trying to Tank the Economy. Obama Believes Their Argument.
How the meat industry turned abuse into a business model
The Jews Aren’t Going Anywhere
Ironic License, Please
They Want My Scalp. But They’re Not Going to Get It.
Drug Company Profiteering, Pill Mills and Thousands of Addicts: How Oxycontin Has Spread Through America
Macro Pollicy: The Chance That the Unemployment Rate Will Be 9% or Higher at the End of 2012 Is Now About One-Third…
‘Some Will Call Me a Torturer’: CIA Man Reveals Secret Jail

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3 Responses to Links 7/5/11

  1. hi says:

    I’m commenting here because you closed comments to your last post about the issue of misogyny. I’d be fine with that if your “last word” weren’t so stubbornly condescending and dismissive, links or no.
    You describe Miss Watson’s (and others’) experiences ambiguously as “absurdist — it’s unclear whether what is absurd is the fact that those experiences occur regularly to all women or if it is the description of / reactions to those experiences is the truly absurd part. Either way, concluding your summary with a fraternity-style slap-on-the-back, “Way to go, bro,” kind of comment seems to trivialize the whole thing to an, excuse me, ABSURD degree. Can’t you get over yourself for a second and see this from a distanced perspective? An honest apology would accompany your links FAR better than that kind of sulky finger-pointing.
    Look. You call white middle-class sexism a privilege, and entitlement, and compare it to the entitlement of a religious person getting angry about their idol being sacrileged. Except, hey, a woman’s body is an ACTUAL PERSON, not a made-up idol, and it does not include a history of privilege EVER. In fact, it has been abused forever and everywhere. Feminists, although you may hear from us occasionally, are not the privileged elite — we are in fact, the oppressed minority who has been recently rising up against the assholes who have controlled the earth’s history for the last couple thousand years.
    Kind of like you. I think that’s what you’re supposed to be about, anyway. If I were a religious asshole, blinded by my religious bigotry, I might tell you to quit your whining — the whining you’ve made a career of — but it would do no good. Because you’re pretty sure you’re right, right? Well, we’re pretty sure we’re right. And that you’re an asshole, on this issue. Mistreatment — and ignorant, callous, privileged treatment — of women is mistreatment of women everywhere, and every logically and ethically minded person should be conscious of it and against it.

  2. me says:

    Above comment… intended for Dawkins.

  3. william e emba says:

    I’ve been pointing this detail out for years, including on this blog. The Democrats are as 100% into the hoax known as supply-side economics as the Republicans are. Pretty much the only difference is that the Democrats believe the alleged gains from supply-side motivated tax cuts are worth sacrificing for the common good, and the Republicans don’t. The fact that it’s a lose-lose proposition has never occurred to them.

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