Links 6/2/11

Links for you. Science:
PNAS: Matthew Schlecht, Freelance Translator
Ads Implant False Memories
Why Johnny Can’t Innovate: The American Economy’s Most Surprising Deficit
Do you use the title?
Steven Pearlstein: Mark them tardy to the revolution (not sure I agree–education is replete with technological fixes that failed)
Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, and the GOP are counting on the votes of old people who hate their grandchildren
There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Deal With a Jobs Crisis — Why Is Germany Doing It So Well?
I’m So Glad We Elected a Democrat, Part One Billion and Four
The American manufacturing crisis and why it matters
Al Gore is Fat

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  1. Bob Carlson says:

    In re the “Al Gore is Fat” item on Chris Christie, even before reading it and perusing the comments I had wondered whether someone as chubby as Chris Christie could be an electable candidate for the US presidency.

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