Links 5/12/11

Links fahr ya. Science:
On the “Hot Hand” in Basketball
“There’s no crying in baseball” . . . the status quo of Ph.D. programs?
Farm antibiotics: “Pig staph” in a daycare worker
GOP Assault on Truth: Why Do Conservatives Pretend They Know More About Science Than Scientists?
But For One Misplaced Decade
What Alan Simpson doesn’t know about life expectancy and Social Security
In Washington, You Don’t Need To Know Anything About Policy To Be a Senator Or Chair Important Commissions
Circumcision ban a step closer to the ballot (the comments are priceless)
With 56% of American Internet connections now capped, advocates ask FCC for probe
The Challenging Mathematics Of Producing Economically Integrated Schools
An Empty Offer from the Super-Rich: It’s easy for Mark Zuckerberg to say he’s ‘cool’ with raising income-tax rates. Because it won’t affect him. (I’ve always been for hiking the capital gains tax–work shouldn’t be taxed more than title shuffling)

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2 Responses to Links 5/12/11

  1. driftglass says:

    Thank you, sir.
    I am honored.

  2. Joe Shelby says:

    I always get confused at the economists who think the solution to the (non-existent) social security crisis is to raise the retirement rate, totally ignoring 1) the unemployment rate that is already too high, and 2) the rampant age discrimination that exists in the job market of most industries, discrimination that often is not illegal.
    Again the ignorance of the working world. If you’re living off the stock market already, you’re fine. If you’re trying to code software as you’ve done for 45 years, you’ve got to prove that you still have an edge that 3 fresh-outta-college kids (and that’s what you cost) don’t actually have. To have to try to prove that for another 3 years? I don’t see it happening…

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