Links 2/23/11

Graduate students rock! Why? Because they’re organizing the clean up of the Wisconsin state capitol, along with an effort to get food and supplies to the protesters. Support them here. Now, onto the links comrades! Science:
Boston British soldiers.
Farm antibiotics, human illness and what connects them. (It has legs.) (I think the insect angle, while important, is a bit overplayed, but understanding the spread of resistance from the farm to the clinic is absolutely vital)
NCBI Response to PLoS One 6(2): e16410 (about the potential DNA contamination in sequence databases)
If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we cure cancer?
Dear Mr. President: What Are You Waiting For? (it would be nice if Democrats actually supported their rank-and-file. The must-read post of the day)
Outrageous cuts
Conservatism and Its Absence of Contents
Bob Somerby’s Takedown of Education ‘Reformer’ Michelle Rhee: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
So Much for Freedom
American Manufacturing Slowly Rotting Away: How Industries Die
Modeling Is A Great Job And A Sh*tty Career
Why Do They Hate Social Security?
College: important, but not magic bullet

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