Links 1/16/11

Happy Sunday. Links for you. Science:
Private ICU rooms in hospitals aren’t just a luxury — they could be a lifesaver
National Zoo’s Anteater Pup Thrives after Rocky Start
Do private ICU rooms really reduce HAIs?
Does the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” exist?
Next generation sequencing information management and analysis system for Galaxy (just heard Brad speak. If you’re a small center that works with a lot of faculty, Galaxy seems like a really good thing to have)
Don’t you know that you can count me out
Tea party in the Sonora: For the future of G.O.P. governance, look to Arizona
Guns Are Fun
Republican Trust Fund Baby Threatens To Murder Jim McDermott: “I’ll Round Them Up, I’ll Kill Them, I’ll Kill His Friends, I’ll Kill His Family…”
Steven Pearlstein Needs an Economics Lesson
Gravestones – Losing Historical Artifacts and Objects of Remembrance

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2 Responses to Links 1/16/11

  1. thanks for the zooborns link mike. wish more of our posts had engaging stories like that little anteater (although i dont wish more of the baby animals almost died).

  2. Rob Monkey says:

    Um, do you really want to link to that Eschaton post? What a load of garbage, and frankly I expect better from your blog. “My proposal: let people hunt, but allow some armed felons to roam the woods, hunting the people.” Seriously, that’s what you’re linking to? I don’t exactly know your opinion on hunting, but advocating for the violent death of people enjoying a legal activity is not only beyond the pale, it’s fucking stupid.

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