Links 12/5/10

It’s cold here. Warm up with some nice links. Science:
The National Science Foundation calls it “peer review” for a reason, Mr. Smith!
Imagine A World Where Aspergers Was The Norm
(Don’t) Keep it Simple: Why a Culture of Journalism Isn’t Working for Science
NIH study identifies ideal body mass index
There’s no crying in baseball and, apparently, no laughing in football
John Brown’s body
Freezing Out Hope
Wikileaks Exposes Complicity of the Press
The corporate takeover of American schools: The trend for appointing CEOs to the top jobs is symptomatic of a declining commitment to public education and social justice

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1 Response to Links 12/5/10

  1. nichole says:

    That article on Wikileaks was interesting. It was a little teal deer for work, but I breezed through it because I had been thinking that it was a bit weird for the press to be assassinating Julian Assange’s character like they have been. I thought the press would like him, because he gave them all this great material for stories but they seem to hate him. I figured maybe they were mad that he gave them so much stuff to have to read?

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