Links 10/22/10

Happy Friday. Links for you. Science:
Science Blogs vs Scientific Literature
A Spray of DNA to Keep the Robbers Away (this shouldn’t work, but people are stupid)
Bacteria ‘R’ Us
How to hold an NSF panel hostage
Am I partly Jewish? Testing ancestry hypotheses with 23andMe data
Part Two: How white flight brought down the economy (it’s interesting, but I’m not sure it’s racism sensu stricto, but prejudice mingled with concerns over educational performance)
Infographic of the Day: How Segregated is Your City?
Tax The Rich Now
Contingent Education?: How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids

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  1. All experts are totally wrong about thinking process.
    While I was doing a figure on twelve huge brain cell fossils (Figure 1) found on Mars, it occurred to me that I should write about how all experts in neurology, etc. are totally wrong about the actual processes of thinking, feeling, recognition, etc. of all humans.
    Modern experts believe thinking happens in brains. In fact, brains don’t think anything. Brains relay electrical inputs to mind, which then does all the thinking and issues all the action orders in electrical pulses to brains.
    So, there is a loop between brains and minds in the thinking process. Brains act like a telephone switchboard only, doing no thinking at all. Mind does all the thingking, all the feeling, etc. Mind power equals to the power of a computer as large as the Earth, but human mind is around human heart and invisible to any human eyes or instruments.
    Figure 1: shows 12 brain cell fossils found on “Red Island” by NASA’s MER Opportunity on Sol 2371:
    Location of brain cells: See note 1 on :
    Photo source and credit for Figure 1:
    Added on Oct. 4, 2010:
    Brains don’t memorize, recognize, feel or think.
    All memorization,recognition,feeling and thinking are done in our minds, not in our brains. There are two travel directions in the loop between brain and mind:
    First direction: From sensory organ to brain to spine column to mind;
    Second direction: From mind (which produces electrical pulse) to spine column to brain to muscles
    Part of the trip in the loop uses “wireless communication” like cellphones do. I know very little about neurology. So, don’t ask me neurological questions.

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