Links 10/14/10

Lotsa links. Science:
Can’t we all just get long: evolution of altruism edition
The Failed Promise of Genomics
Natural selection in our time
Toxic algae rapidly kills coral
Unanticipating The Great Depression and the Great Recession
La vida en los Estados Unidos
Why Foreclosure Fraud Is So Dangerous to Property Rights
T inspector surprised to learn bus 100 feet away from him seemed about to burst into flames
America’s dish detergent wars: The fuss over phosphate bans provides an object lesson in the paranoid politics of the Tea Party’s anti-liberal backlash
Why printing money makes sense. Right now, even a counterfeiter issuing dud dollars would be better for the economy than our deficit-fixated policymakers

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  1. william e emba says:

    As a matter of historical record, counterfeiting was an important part of the US economy before the Civil War. Anybody could issue paper notes, and the more believable the issuer, the more believable the paper. In the parts of the country where specie was scarce, counterfeiters were generally welcome!
    A special tax on non-US paper money was one of the first laws under Lincoln. As expected, this eliminated the competition.

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