Links 10/10/10

Today is 10/10/10; no doubt, woomeisters are reading great significance into the date. Instead of reading TEH STOOPD, read some good links. Science:
Scott Kern’s Message
Cool Evolution Trick: Platinum Turns Baby Snails Into Slugs
Which Came First: The Regulation Or The Egg?
Job Tracker (find out who is firing U.S. workers and shipping jobs overseas in your neighborhood)
Why the Art Robinsons of America matter
Why Gallup’s LV screen is the way it is (will Democratic turnout be at a historical low?)
Exclusive Bombshell of Foreclosure Fraud – Full Deposition of TAMMIE LOU KAPUSTA Law Office of David J Stern (the foreclosure disaster can only be viewed as a massive fraud against the courts)

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