Sunday Links

Happy Sunny Sunday! Links fahr ya. Science:
The Sequencers
Working 10 Hours or More a Day Raises Heart Risk, Study Finds
Walking and Obesity: The City Life vs the Country Life
Why Spiders Always Eat Ants By Starting With The Head
Life on Earth Arose Just Once
Pecunia Emptor
How to Save the News
The Nominee From Davos
It’s Official —Bart Stupak Is A Moron
Trading in Hubris: Pride, Overreach, and the Inevitable Blowback and Consequences
I’d Hear the Talking Through the Wall
A Non-Fighting Faith: Where Obama should shove his plea for civility.
Robert Downey Jr, clean and sober but not an iron man no matter how he votes
Manchurian Candidate Market
I Only Dislike You as a Southerner Because You Have Moonshine on Your Breath While You’re Fucking Your Sister
Get Me ReWrite!
Worst-Case Thinking
Friction a non Socratic dialogue

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2 Responses to Sunday Links

  1. Bernard Leikind says:

    Hey, Mike!
    A list of non-specific headlines like this is not useful to your readers.
    Why not give us your statement about what each article or blog is about, and why you think someone who reads your blog would find it worth their time to read these items too. Two or three sentences would be sufficient.
    Is it about something important? Does it have something unique to say? Did you learn something from it? Is it funny? Is it wrong? Do you have an argument with it? Does it take down some common enemy of science or sense?
    Please give us hints. I doubt that you would just follow links from some other blogger.

  2. Prof.Pedant says:

    I ‘just follow links’ all the time, and I come here looking specifically for such links. I have found the Mad Biologist to be quite reliable about providing me with interesting links, even if I do not figure out why he included that link in the list.
    (If I did not find the link interesting I would want to know why the Mad Biologist found it interesting, but my curiosity as to why the Mad Biologist included the link is easily assuaged whenever the link produces something I find interesting.)

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