Post-Racist, Well, Isn’t: The Tea Bugger Edition

Digby brilliantly snarks what I’ve been trying to describe for a while about the Tea Buggers:

…if you just remove the poor blacks from the equation it would be clear to everyone that America doesn’t like Obama. Now, this isn’t about race, mind you, not at all. It’s about resistance to all these lazy blacks living off the dole which their black socialist President is funding by stealing money from hardworking whites. Why everyone has to bring race into it all the time is beyond me.

You have to understand that African Americans aren’t loyal to Obama because of his history making role as the first black president in a country that had to fight a bloody civil war to end slavery and maintained apartheid for nearly a hundred years. It’s because he’s handing out great gobs of cash to them at the expense of the people who really deserve it. That’s just the way those people are.
Moreover, the reason why you don’t see black and brown people at the tea party rallies isn’t because many in the crowd seem to hold racist attitudes, but because African Americans know that these folks are enemies of their chosen lifestyle — living off the backs of the people who really contribute. The tea partiers, you see, are all hardscrabble workers who live by dint of their own efforts and are tired of supporting this underclass. Race doesn’t come into it for them at all. Just like Steven Colbert, they are all so color blind they don’t even know what color they are themselves….
Seriously, if the shiftless welfare queens would just stop stealing all this money from hardworking white people, we wouldn’t have all these problems. I don’t see why all everyone always jumps to the conclusion that it has anything to do with race.

It really is the same old tune, just a slightly different beat:

They say it is about “freedoms”…but they can point to no freedoms that have been lost over the last 14 months.
They say the Constitution is being destroyed, but when you ask them what parts of The General Welfare Clause or Congresses’ power to regulate Interstate Commerce are being violated…they stand mute with rage
They say it is about taxes…but they can find no drastic tax increases in the last 14 months.
Come to think of it, I don’t really remember anyone getting speared with an assegai thirty years ago either. But that didn’t stop people screaming about the danger.
And they say they want their Country Back.
Well, Bing-fucking-O
Now we have it. They want to return to a time and place where they at least knew who they were better than.

Tea Buggery is just politics of the blood, U.S. style. And ponder this: what would a (most) non-violent fascist movement look like…
On an unrelated note, I’m tempted to swing by the Palin rally on the Boston Common rally on Wednesday.

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17 Responses to Post-Racist, Well, Isn’t: The Tea Bugger Edition

  1. Rob Jase says:

    No, there’s no racism with the teabaggers.
    All those signs with slogans against Obama thatinclude the word nigger (I refuse to use the expresion ‘n-word’ because it hides the ugliness of the real word) are just a coincedence.

  2. cgauthier says:

    I refuse to use the expresion ‘n-word’ because it hides the ugliness of the real word

    Using the term “nigger” when appropriate also shows its powerlessness, in the same breath. It is just a word; it has a definition, an etymology and different applications. There is no shame in using it if one is having an intellectual conversation about the subject or reading Huckleberry Finn aloud or describing what someone’s racist sign said. It only has the power of an epithet when it’s used as one or when a sensitive person overhears and misconstrues. This is unfortunate and often mitigated by white people turning their heads side to side twenty times before using it, even innocently.
    That said, yeah, teabaggers are total racists.

  3. NewEnglandBob says:

    I agree with Digby, Mad Mike, Rob and cgauthier.

  4. Kaleberg says:

    I’ve just been reading Riddle of the Sands, and one of the characters says admiringly of the Kaiser that he “works like a nigger”. I had never heard the expression, but s southern friend enlightened me. It’s from a work song that goes: “I’d druther be a Nigger an’ plow ole Beck … Dan a white Hill Billy wid his long red neck.”

  5. Oran says:

    It’s not all about racism.
    Many of them know very well that some of their opponents are white people who look a lot like them.
    It’s really about xenophobia. If a white person looking exactly like them were to tell them that Obama is right, you can be sure that they would hit you with just as much rage, either calling you a fag, declaring that you must be bussed-in from Berkeley or New York City, or accusing you of being an space alien who stole the skin and speaking accent of a hard-working white American.

  6. Neromancer says:

    Do any of you have the ability to step back and look at the big picture? Do you really think blacks want to be stuck in a cycle of poverty? What you need to think about is how this cycle creates a need for Government. From day care to prison there will be a UNIONIZED GOVERNMENT employee every step of the way. An uneducated African American provides job security to the unions! It cost 30,000 dollars a year to house a prisoner, you would be suprised how much of that ends up in a union paycheck.

  7. Mike says:

    It is a shame that the only defense that liberals have is to call people racist. It is like every liberal has become Jeff Foxworthy.
    If you do not like that government is now a major owner of the means for automobile production in the US, you must be a racist.
    If you do not like that the government bailed out instead of letting fail behemoth finance giants, you must be a racist.
    If you do not like that the federal government has so bastardized the power to regulate INTERSTATE commerce that they are now planning on regulating inactivity through the health care mandate, you must be a racist.
    If you do not like that the federal government is running the largest annual deficit in nominal dollars, you must be a racist.

  8. John Sanders says:

    If you blame the current black president for all the problems, instead of the past white president that mostly created the problems, then you must be a racist.

  9. Chris says:

    John that was brilliant.

  10. Reginald Selkirk says:

    Tea Party Foes Target Movement “Morons”
    How does that old phrase go again? A “target-rich environment.”

  11. williamh99 says:

    If you think you are well-infomred, you may be interested in this exposure of Media’s treatment of Teabaggers
    “How ABC, CBS and NBC Have Dismissed and Disparaged the Tea Party Movement”
    It makes one proud to be an American and see the smarty-pants that live in New York and control the Media treat them them the way they do.

  12. NJ says:

    Quoting a Brent Bozell source that claims media bias? Do you next plan on quoting Massey Energy claims about MHSA bias against them?

  13. Anetta says:

    As it currently stands, we are at a point where the GDP cannot sustain the increasing amount of national debt. Already, we are seeing our nation’s AAA credit rating being lowered to AA due to the uncontrolled spending of our government and irresponsible debt our politicians are creating. At what point will liberals wake up to the fact that the only “change” we’re getting is the transformation of the US into a third world country? The consequences of which will hurt EVERYONE regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or any other factor. Has any liberal given any thought to what our people might enjoy IF we were to begin paying down or paying off our national debt? The untold trillions of dollars in debt we have and are preparing to add trillions more to, would drastically alter the economic landscape of this country and ALL of it’s people. It isn’t a matter of race or any other factor, regardless of how liberals want to portray it. It’s COMMON SENSE!

  14. Rob says:

    Uh, Anetta, we WERE paying down the national debt until someone became President and caused the largest increase in the deficit in the history of the United States.
    Our current President inherited a $482 billion dollar deficit, the largest in history.
    Our previous President inherited a $230 billion dollar surplus, the largest in history.
    It is common sense, as you say. Unfortunately, you don’t have any.

  15. Jon says:

    Yes, because using giant, swathing, blanket statements about a whole group of people who share similar traits is wrong. Like, black people are lazy, tea-baggers are racist, and art students are generally entitled little shits who are so hipster it makes my teeth hurt.

  16. Ben says:

    Well this explains why my teeth hurt.
    I am really tired of people bragging about how Clinton had a giant surplus. Couple of problems with this. First congress controls spending, so all blame or praise lays with them. Second this was pure luck. There were huge deficits projected. Then the dot com bubble happened and capital gains taxes made far more money than predicted. So it had nothing to do with Clinton’s good fiscal planning.
    And to get a little partisan the dems have been in control of congress for quite some time now. Yet despite years of the dems controlling the spending of this country we still were still in the red. And now that they have total control over the two branches of government that have anything to do with spending we are even more in the red than before.
    Now I’m tired of this partisan BS. Yeah, well the GOP is at least as bad as we are is not a good argument. Its like saying I’m only going to break your foot, but that other guy wants to break your hand, I’m such a good guy.
    One day people might realize that it is time to vote for someone that doesn’t want to break any thing. Or just stop voting. If no one gets in power then no one can fuck anything up.

  17. Jon says:

    Typical idiot liberals. At least conservatives have an IQ higher than 75.

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