Thursday Links

Happy Post-Evacuation Day. Links for you. Science:
Do Most Of NYT’s Science Staff Doubt The Dangers of Global Warming? That’s What One Prominent Science Journalist Claims.
CDC today
Mexican Cave Scorpions Show Specialization Not Evolutionary Dead End
Michael Kinsley Cries “Fire! Fire!!” in Noah’s Flood
Such nice, friendly, warm-hearted people, those tea party folks…if only they weren’t deranged!
The American Dream: Not Doing So Well
Everything David Brooks says about reconciliation is wrong
The Obama Show
David Brooks At His David Brooksiest

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2 Responses to Thursday Links

  1. JohnV says:

    happy st joseph’s day! :p

  2. Min says:

    About being a global warming skeptic:
    I am one. I do not know whether the current climate trend poses a clear and present danger. But I do know that we are already in uncharted waters, and that prudence dictates that we reduce greenhouse emissions as much as we can as soon as we can. There is a difference between being skeptical and being stupid.

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