Thursday Links

Thursday means links. Or something. Science:
The Upside of Type I Diabetes
An 60,000-year old artistic movement recorded in ostrich egg shells
Animal Experimentation and Simulation
Top Treasury Official Leaves For Lobbying Firm
The Enthusiasm Gap
Effective Government Matters
What Matters
The Home Depot Misery Index
How covering up for abuse is sadly common
Would Your Boyfriend Be “Pleased” By Your Surprise Fetus?
The last mile in Tysons Corner, part 1: The problem

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1 Response to Thursday Links

  1. Min says:

    Obvious problem with the “surprise fetus” survey: It was restricted to people who answered Yes to ““very important or somewhat important for them to avoid pregnancy right now.”
    That means different things to men and women. If you are a man and you feel that way and your partner gets pregnant, that is too bad. If you are a woman and you feel that way and *you* get pregnant, you actually have to carry the damn thing! *You* might get morning sickness, *you* get to look like a whale, *you* get backache, etc., etc. The importance of avoiding pregnancy means different things to men and women. No wonder you get gender differences, and differences of the sort that show up.

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