Jon Swift, RIP

We are saddened to report, by way of Blue Gal and Tom Watson, that faux conservative blogger and brilliant satirist Jon Swift passed away. I corresponded with him a few times, and I always found him to be a complete delight (not to mention a riot).
My favorite Jon Swift: Jon Swift’s Complete Amazon Reviews
He will be missed.

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5 Responses to Jon Swift, RIP

  1. Coturnix says:

    Oh, no! He was brilliant. How old was he?

  2. Tyler DiPietro says:

    Well that’s absolutely lousy news. My condolences to his family and friends.

  3. Heartbreaking news. Swifty was a true mensch.

  4. He was a brilliant writer and a sly wit. I will miss reading his works.

  5. It is amazing how many people have been touched by his Blogging character. Everywhere I look there is or was a post on this. Still a little sad over this. 🙁

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