Sunday Links

It’s still freezing. A good reason for links. Science:
Why The iPad Is Crap Futurism
British Newspapers Make Things Up
Life Imitating Life
UnPolitical America: A Crisis of Political Illiteracy?
A Colossal Failure Of Governance: The Reappointment of Ben Bernanke
Ladies, meet your new gender diversity coordinator, Mr. Angry Penis
He is sad because his house looks like an elementary school. And all the children have died.
Out of Auschwitz
A campaign funding mess
Where Was the Narrative?
Pelosi Demands Any Budget Freeze Also Apply To Military Spending
Sally Quinn’s Washington

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  1. david says:

    Here’s a Jan 24 link saying neurologists at U of Toronto have found a physical part of human brain that says indeed that with believers all events can be considered in a manner to make God the actor of the event. Atheists not the same.
    Haven’t seen it in English, must be somewhere.

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