Thursday Links

Happy Thursday. Links for you. Science:
Casey Luskin embarrasses himself again
AIDS Does Not Exist (denialism)
Too clever by, hmmm, about 5% a year
A Tale of Two Flagella
Rare self-rolling giant snow balls found in UK
Hang ’em High: Never, it seems, have punters been more valuable to NFL teams. So who are these guys–and why hasn’t a single punter been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Republicans, Heritage, and the false case against fiscal stimulus (warning: thinking cap required)
Think Again: Money for Nothing?
Faculty Protest Texas Football Coach’s Raise
Gruber Doesn’t Reveal that 21% of MA Residents Can’t Afford Health Care
Resignation letter from Framingham Democratic Committee Chair
On Comments: Grammar Nazis and Eccentrics? Honestly!
Return of the Vampires
Guest Post: The Military-Industrial Complex is Ruining the Economy
Desert ostrich ranch is a shadow of owner’s dreams
On Popularity

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    And one more, to show your view of walking away from a mortgage is not extreme:,-it's-okay-to-walk-away-from-your-mortgage-403924.html

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