“East Boston cat called to jury duty”

This is why I love Boston:

Duty calls for an East Boston resident.
Someone is getting called for jury duty…but it’s no human.
A family is trying to figure out how their pet cat was summonsed for jury duty.

And, if you’re wondering, the owners do have to appear in court to show that their cat is ineligible….

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10 Responses to “East Boston cat called to jury duty”

  1. DGKnipfer says:

    I wonder if their cat is registered to vote. And if so, who did kitty vote for in the last presidential election?

  2. Well they probably don’t have to show up in court. What’s the judge going to do, issue a bench warrant and send the cops to put the cat in tiny paw-cuffs?

  3. NoAstronomer says:

    “And, if you’re wondering, the owners do have to appear in court to show that their cat is ineligible….”
    Don’t see why they should. The jury notice wasn’t addressed to them. If I get a jury notice and fail to show up my wife is not liable and vice-versa.
    Personally I’ve gotten into the habit of returning *any* mail that looks like it might be addressed to someone other than the four humans living in my house.
    I probably wouldn’t even have opened this.

  4. JohnV says:

    I dunno, I mean I just return mail not addressed to me too, but if a letter came from the county courthouse addressed to “KittieV” I’d be so curious that I couldn’t resist opening it.
    Assuming MA does jury duty the same as MD, it does raise an important question: how did this cat either get a drivers license or on the voter roll?

  5. Eric Lund says:

    IIRC (and this was from spending my undergraduate years in the state a long time ago, so it may have changed since then) Massachusetts draws their jury duty lists from the local census rolls. That implies that college students from out of state may be included in the jury pool, and I knew at least one such student who was summoned for jury duty in Massachusetts.
    There have been cases where infants have been summoned for jury duty, and yes, their parents had to bring them to court to establish their ineligibility. Getting a cat on the census roll is a somewhat bigger screwup (human infants are supposed to be on the census roll), but once a town makes that particular mistake it’s a matter of time before a jury duty summons arrives for one of the town’s feline residents.

  6. Moopheus says:

    What would be funnier is if the cat goes to court, is not disqualified, gets a number, gets picked for a jury, goes through attorney questioning, and has to sit. Gets selected as forecat of the jury, and then has to read the decision at the end. The defendant is meow, meow, meow, on all charges.

  7. Diane says:

    All right I’ll say it since no one else has. Maybe the crime was cat burglary and the court system just wanted the defendant to be tried by a jury of his or her peers.

  8. JohnV says:

    Some things are better left unsaid!

  9. llewelly says:


  10. llewelly says:

    The filthy truth – which you dishonest libtards will not admit – this cat was just one of millions of Boston pets who was registered to vote by ACORN. That’s why MA went for Obama in 2008. Yet another anti-Christian plot to keep Sarah Palin out of the Whitehouse.

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