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At Long Last, the End of the War on Christmas Is in Sight

Our long national nightmare is nearly over. Reports from the front lines of the War on Christmas.
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Laurie Garrett and Dana March Criticize Anti-Vaxxers, So What’s the Under-Over on…

when the misogynist internet comments start?
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Do Parents Choose Schools or Student Bodies?

What if parents aren’t choosing better schools, but better student bodies? What if parents are paying exorbitant housing costs, not because the schools perform better, but because those high housing costs are able to exclude students who perform poorly?
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Sunday Links

The snow is about done up here. Time for some links.
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British High Court and The NY Times Get It Wrong on the Merits: It’s Not Who Is a Jew…

but who is a rabbi?
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GM, in Another Stunning Automotive Success, Kills Off Saab

More added economic value from U.S. boardrooms [/snark].
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Friday Links

Happy Thursday. I’ll try not to get sozzled at this years’s Christmas Party. How about you?
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A Short Review of Nan Mooney’s (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents

The invisible electoral demographic.
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Imagine If ‘Genomics Denialists’ Get Their Grubby Hands on the Top Sekrit Microbiome Emails

ZOMG! Proof of the Grand Genome Konspiracy!
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It’s About Time Somebody Played Hardball with Ben Nelson

Hitting Blue Dogs in the boodle.
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