Wednesday Links

If you’re traveling today, I hope it’s not too bad. Here are some links for you. Science:

Autism treatments: Risky alternative therapies have little basis in science
Where’s the Clean Energy?
Regreening Africa
Man Made Disaster in New Orleans
Who’s Who and What’s Up with the Manhattan Declaration
The Right Way to Regulate
Slacker Friday
Library users against health care bill
Sarah Palin, WWE Star
How the media and the GOP turn lies into zombie lies – a health care case study
The Conspiracy to Kill the New Deal; Yes it’s Real

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2 Responses to Wednesday Links

  1. Hank Roberts says:

    Here’s a surprise:
    1,2-dichloroethane (DCA) turning up in household air from Christmas ornaments and other household products made from “polyresin” material. Made in China.

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