Wednesday Links

Halfway through the week. Some links for you. Science:

Poll: American Public Supports Investment in Prevention As Part of Health Care Reform
A SMART Plan? No, A Wackaloon Dumbfuck Plan!
The common cold and influenza
Holy Shit! A new way of finding out how diet affects gut microbes
What’s killing the bats? At least 1 million have died in the past three years from a mysterious disease, posing serious questions for our environment.
Why Jews Vote Like Puerto Ricans (and not Episcopalians)
Where are the real deficit hawks?
Krugman on the Need for Jobs Policies
Stupak and the bishops, the bishops and me
The embittered asshole lobby exposed
But What Does That ‘Get a Brain Morans’ Dude Think About All This?
A race against time to save history: Tens of thousands of gravestones in New England are crumbling
Malcolm Gladwell, Eclectic Detective

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