Democrats Want to Create Green Jobs, but Newt Gingrich Seems to Favor Porn

From Think Progress, we learn that Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions for Winning the Future (ASWF) group is choosing people for 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year awards by his Business Defense and Advisory Council. One little problem though:

Pink Visual is a porn DVD superstore — not the type of company you’d expect Gingrich would want stimulating the economy. ThinkProgress contacted Gingrich aide Joe Gaylord, who sent the faxed letter to Vivas, but we didn’t receive a response. An ASWF representative reportedly called Pink Visual this morning saying it had “inadvertently” sent the fax to Vivas and was retracting the honor. Pink Visual’s marketing coordinator Q Boyer didn’t buy the excuse:

“Allison was disappointed to receive a call this morning from an ASWF representative stating that the fax had been sent to her ‘inadvertently,'” Boyer told “We’re not entirely clear on how one ‘inadvertently’ sends a fax to the right person at the correct fax number, so our sense is that this is damage control on the part of a group that is having second thoughts about either recognizing the excellent work of a porn company entrepreneur in light of their own conservative political and social orientation, or having second thoughts about their promotional methodology and communication protocols.”

Ironically, on May 17, 1995, Gingrich led a press conference on Capitol Hill announcing the Christian Coalition’s 10-point “Contract with the American Family,” a conservative legislative wish list. One of the items in the contract: restricting pornography.

This is probably some fundraising scheme gone terribly wrong–the invitee probably fit a certain financial profile, and Gingrich was hoping to con some money out of them (And all those porn site bookmarks, he has no idea how they got there either)
How are Democrats losing to these chuckleheads? Seriously, why aren’t we seeing ads about this?
Oh yeah: stupidest political party in recorded history.

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7 Responses to Democrats Want to Create Green Jobs, but Newt Gingrich Seems to Favor Porn

  1. Art says:

    The business of ASWF is to stimulate business. And Pink Visual is in the business of stimulation. Easy to see how they might get confused on the old bookmark list. Easy mistake and downright Freudian.
    Scratch a thundering moral scold and you almost always find someone with approach-avoidance issues with the subjects they focus on.

  2. Emanuel Goldstein says:

    Since when do you have problems with porn. Some of the great publishers of porn are atheists.
    Larry Flynt was for example.

  3. Nick Gardner says:

    There’s nothing in the post that indicates Mike is opposed to or in favor of porn, he’s pointing out the hypocrisy of Gingerich wrt porn

  4. NBA says:

    Since when do you have problems with porn.

  5. Nomen Nescio says:

    well, hell, as i understand it pornography is a pretty green business. most of it’s run over the internet now, after all. think of it as teleconferencing with a happy ending…

  6. Easy mistake and downright Freudian.

  7. Richard T says:

    Well, since in the UK a newt is a cold blooded amphibian, he probably needs the stimulation.

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