Reagan Was a ‘Reverse Sexist’,-the-ORIGINAL-reverse-sexist
With the Sotomayor nomination, many conservatives have been shrieking about ‘reverse racism’–you know, how the white man is being kept down, in this case by TEH LATINAZ!! AAAIEEE!! Well, wouldn’t you know, but conservative icon Ronald Reagan was a big supporter of reverse sexism (video and transcript):
Partial transcript:

As I said during the campaign, I’ve long believed that the time has come for the highest court in our land to include not only distinguished men, but distinguished women as well. … I had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. O’Connor last week and I can report to you that she not only has a long and brilliant record as a legislator and jurist, but she also impressed me as a thoughtful, capable woman whose judicial temperament is highligh appropriate for the court.

And earlier the same day:

Needless to say, most of the speculation has centered on the question of whether I would consider a woman to fill this first vacancy. As the press has accurately pointed out, during my campaign for the Presidency I made a commitment that one of my first appointments to a Supreme Court vacancy would be the most qualified woman I could possibly find.

How politically inconvenient. Why did Reagan hate ‘real Americans’?
Next we’ll find out he prosecuted waterboarding as torture.

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  1. natural cynic says:

    Uh, he didn’t actually prosecute, but he said he would.

    “The United States participated actively and effectively in the negotiation of the Convention . It marks a significant step in the development during this century of international measures against torture and other inhuman treatment or punishment. Ratification of the Convention by the United States will clearly express United States opposition to torture, an abhorrent practice unfortunately still prevalent in the world today.
    The core provisions of the Convention establish a regime for international cooperation in the criminal prosecution of torturers relying on so-called ‘universal jurisdiction.’ Each State Party is required either to prosecute torturers who are found in its territory or to extradite them to other countries for prosecution.”

    Signing statement for the UN Convention on Torture, 1984

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