Do Blue Dog Dems Even Realize What They Do?

These Twitter feeds, captured by Atrios and written by ‘moderate’ Democrat Claire McCaskill, make it so perfectly clear that many elected officials have no idea how things are funded:

“Proud we cut over 100 billion out of recov bill.Many Ds don’t like it, but needed to be done.The silly stuff Rs keep talking about is OUT.”

And then:

“Going to Museum of Am History today.Haven’t been since it re-opened.Want to check it out.Also grocery store and later a movie date with Joe.”

As Atrios notes:

Hopefully she enjoys the museum. Amusingly, she also voted for the Coburn amendment which forbids the use of any of the stimulus money for, among other things, museums.

The Blue Dog Democrats suffer from a cognitive disconnect wherein they don’t realize that the legislation they pass actually matters. That the government does stuff. Important stuff. Stuff people like. Stuff that is good for us.

No wonder they act like a bunch of fucking clowns all the time.

Or maybe McCaskill believes in a Smithsonian fairy?

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4 Responses to Do Blue Dog Dems Even Realize What They Do?

  1. Joshua says:

    Note, as well, how proud she is that she took out “silly stuff” the Republicans didn’t like.
    Man, fuck these people. As much rage as I had at Bush and his cronies, it comes back ten fold at these bumbling idiots. The Republicans, at least, had some purpose in mind when they sold out their country. It was an evil, self-serving purpose, but at least they knew they were doing it. These idiots like McCaskill are selling us down the fucking river because they believe that selling out is a virtue in itself.

  2. TomJoe says:

    Why are you railing at just the Blue Dog Dems? NONE OF THEM know what they’re doing. For crying out loud, they just passed a bill which spends roughly 1/3rd to 1/2 of the entire years budget … in the span of a week or so. You think that it’s been properly discussed and analyzed? Doubtful.

  3. These people know exactly what they are doing. I think your problem is that you incorrectly assume that they are motivated by the desire to preserve a middle-class-based economy.

  4. mirc says:


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