Best NY Times Parody EVAH!

A loyal reader forwarded to me a link of an imaginary July 4, 2009 edition of The New York Times. My favorite was the fake op-ed (not) by columnist Thomas Friedman:

The sudden outbreak of peace in Iraq has made me realize, among other things, one incontestable fact: I have no business holding a pen, at least with intent to write.
I know, you’re thinking I’m going too far. I haven’t always been wrong about everything. I recently made some sense on global warming and what we needed to do about it, for instance.
But to have been so completely and fundamentally wrong about so huge a disaster as what we have done to Iraq — and ourselves — is outrageous enough to prove that people like me have no business posing as wise men, and, more importantly, that The New York Times has no business continuing to provide me with a national platform.
In any case, I have made a decision: as of today, I will no longer write in this or any other newspaper. I will immediately desist from writing any more books about how it’s time for everyone to climb on board the globalization high-speed monorail to the future. I will keep my opinions to myself.

From this website’s screen to the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s ears….

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  1. yogi-one says:

    From the fake Friedman column:
    Just consider who populates the opinion pages of America’s top newspapers. Bill Kristol, who was actually hired by The Times long after being proven wrong on Iraq. Charles Krauthammer. Robert Novak. Mona Charen. Fred Barnes. The list goes on and on of officially-approved wise men…
    It may be satire, but he hits the nail on the head. The NYT, like WaPo and other huge mega-papers does not have the public interest in mind, has their own agenda, and participates knowingly, willingly, and in my opinion, criminally, in a propaganda war against America.
    They have been the main cheerleaders of those who have ruined our economy, attacked our civil rights, and started illegal wars for the purpose of making money only.
    “And that’s the way it is – Jan 1st, 2009.”

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