Driftglass on the Age of Bush and…

…why not letting bygones be bygones matters. Driftglass crushes Andrew Sullivan in one of the best posts of the year:

George W. Bush was not Conservatism’s aberration, but its apotheosis. His reign of faith-based disasters, failure, treason and lies all grew from the soil Sullivan and other like him aerated, plowed and fertilized year after year after year. Came shambling straight from the slaughterhouse floor of political reality on which men like Atwater and Rove, Falwell and Robertson, Weyrich and DeLay, Reagan and Limbaugh, Gingrich and Nixon and a thousand others practiced the bloody business of wielding power, while delicate souls like Sullivan – who never had the guts to face the fact that their Wingnut Welfare Chateaubriand came from the butcher’s block – invented fantasies about the Libertarian Meat Fairy, who delivered his fat slice of the good life bloodlessly, on Spode china, with clean linens and a fine red wine.

Definitely read the whole thing. It’s not about feeling good or vindicated (that’s just a side benefit). We need to remember precisely whose fault the last eight years have been–and that includes the enablers like Sullivan.

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4 Responses to Driftglass on the Age of Bush and…

  1. Tom Grainger says:

    Don’t understand one word of this rant. Not one word.

  2. Troublesome Frog says:

    The whole rant is a little too scorched-earth, them-or-us for my taste, but I will say that the last sentence you quoted was delightful.

  3. magic says:

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  4. nusret says:

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