Saturday Snow Dog Bliss

Because this cracks me up, here’s the goofiest dog-in-snow footage I’ve ever seen:

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5 Responses to Saturday Snow Dog Bliss

  1. Tony P says:

    From wolves to this. And people don’t believe the theory of evolution. What more does it take?

  2. Rhea Miller says:

    Sooooooooo cute. Have ta say ima little jealous of the lil guy.

  3. WOW 🙂 what a wise dog. I would like to have such dog!

  4. Skwee says:

    My dog would love to do that, but since he’s a Bichon, he’d be lost until spring :).

  5. Annie Brody says:

    Since you’re a biologist, maybe you can tell me how come dogs love snow so much? Is it because it heightens their sense of smell?

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