The Mad Biologist Breaks the Orac!!

I did:

Mike said, “The monster is back. He’s struck again.”
“That cannot be. Besides, what do you know? You’re a biologist and you’re mad.”
“Stop being such a putz, Orac,” retorted Mike. “Just because the election’s over doesn’t mean the monster is gone.”
“I did not think that the monster was gone. However, my analysis suggested that it would most likely go into hibernation for a while, having fed on the brains of so many politicians. After all, look at the level of specious comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis that occurred.”
“True, but apparently the Hitler Zombie was not sated. After all, the brains upon which he fed were those of politicians historically ignorant enough and stupid enough to make such logic circuit assaultingly idiotic comparisons to Hitler and Nazis, thus invoking what we humans like to call, I believe, ‘Godwin’s law.’ That’s not much to live off of.”
“True, but it’s all the Zombie has.”
“Agreed,” snapped Orac. “What is your evidence? Who was the victim this time? It must have been someone with an exceedingly weak mind.”
“It was,” affirmed Mike. “It was a man named John Derbyshire.”


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