Speaking of Cabinet Selections…

Janet Napolitano seems like a good choice for Attorney General:

Janet Napolitano has tackled massive business fraud cases as Arizona AG, including the Arizona Baptist Foundation case, at the time one of the largest mass fraud cases in US history, which she personally shepherded through initial investigation and criminal prosecution. Napolitano has the guile, skill and determination to take on any entity and see that justice is administered, something to keep in mind in light of the economic collapse caused by financial and energy concerns.
Terrorism experience? Janet Napolitano has that in spades too. Janet, as US Attorney for the District of Arizona, was one of the leaders on the Oklahoma City Bombing Case, and shepherded the case against Michael Fortier, who was not only convicted, but was turned and made the critical witness against Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Napolitano is so strong in terrorism/security that she is also being considered for head of the Department of Homeland Security….
The other names that have been bandied about – Eric Holder, Sheldon Whitehouse, Artur Davis, Pat Fitzgerald, and others – all have either legal acumen or leadership acumen in differing amounts; but none have the vast amounts of both that Janet Napolitano does. Then you have to figure in her inherent ability to make people around her feel positive and motivated, even in dire circumstances.
Janet Napolitano is the complete package.

Sounds good to me.

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2 Responses to Speaking of Cabinet Selections…

  1. chezjake says:

    No doubt that Janet Napolitano would be a good choice. I was also very impressed with Sheldon Whitehouse’s performance in the hearings on the US attorney firing scandals last spring. I’d be content with either one.

  2. llewelly says:

    Attorney General, fine. Head of the DHS? The DHS doesn’t need a new head; it needs to be dissolved. It’s a fraud.

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