More From the Highly Successful Republican Jewish Outreach Program

The Republican Party really is dipping into the dregs, as this Pitch story describes. One wonderful vignette is the phone canvasser who yells at people who aren’t voting for Republicans.

I phone canvass, and, erm, you don’t yell at people. But onto the Jewish outreach program:

Nuclear holocaust could be part of the divine plan, and you don’t fight the divine plan.
“I was in a chat room yesterday explaining how I’d just learned the definition of the word holocaust,” she [Linda, a volunteer] told me. “It’s a burning sacrifice to God, where none of the rabbis get the meat; it just goes straight to Him. That’s what they call everything that happened during World War II, a holocaust.”
She kept her eyes on mine, tucked in her chin and raised her eyebrows. She lifted her hands, palms up. “Burnt offering.”

I’m outta snark–the tank’s pretty much empty at this point. Nonetheless, this does not play well with Jews. We were a ‘burnt offering’? Oh, ok, all better. How do Republicans expect most Jews to even consider being in such a party? Does anyone think most of us want demented people like this as even nominal allies?
The GOP is a massively parallel psychosis, not a political party.

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  1. tincture says:

    I know this is a couple of days old but I just wanted to clarify. Is she saying it’s called the holocaust because rabbis didn’t eat any people?

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