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Note to McCain: ‘Choice’ in Healthcare Is Not a Good Idea

People don’t want exciting ‘health insurance products’, they want adequate care when they are sick.
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The Brain of McCain Fails Mainly on Spain

McCain doesn’t know where Spain is. Or maybe all those Mexicanists look alike. And his flacks only compound the problem.
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Abortion and the Swing Vote That Shall Not Be Named

Apparently, abortion is only trouble for black politicians.
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Clough: Good News for the Smithsonian

Clough is definitely a breath of fresh air after former chancellor Lawrence Small who never met an extravagance he wouldn’t make the Smithsonian pay for.
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Never Mind Your Peace Dividend, It’s the Cold War All Over Again

A resounding success of the Bush Doctrine. Erm, not so much.
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John McCain Invented the BlackBerry?

If Al Gore were dead, he would be spinning in his grave.
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Primary Endorsement: Sonia Chang-Diaz for MA State Senate

In Massachusetts’ Second Suffolk County, the Democratic primary for State Senate features Sonia Chang-Diaz and Dianne Wilkerson. For the very little that it’s worth, the Mad Biologist endorses Sonia Chang-Diaz.
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Lots of Scientists Write a Letter About Infectious Disease Surveillance

Some in Congress want public health surveillance to join the 21st century.
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Sunday Sermon: Reporters Need to Side With the Truth

Political reporters seem to work under the impression that they offer neutral descriptions of lies. They can’t: they’re either for lies or against them.
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An Exciting New Area for Creationist Science

Intelligent rainbows. Or something.
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