Palin Slashed Funding for Food Banks

Because nothing says compassionate conservatism like not helping hungry people. While many people have noted the incongruency of Palin’s slashing funds for assistance to unwed mothers, her halving of a budget item to help the Fairbanks food bank has gone unnoticed.

The specific item:

Fairbanks Community Food Bank-Computer Upgrade, Utility Assistance, and Refrigeration Improvement

Here’s the image:
This was cut from $50,000 to $25,000.
It’s a goddamn food bank. Asking for help in keeping food refrigerated and for paying the utility bills isn’t ‘pork.’ Good thing the economy’s tanking–it’s not like they won’t need to feed people.
Beyond the pale.

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3 Responses to Palin Slashed Funding for Food Banks

  1. KeithB says:

    And remember, this was not at the expense of a deficit or raising taxes, this was at the expense of giving the folks in Alaska a little bit smaller slice of a share of the oil revenues!

  2. Pineyman says:

    Just curious – the first line is Covenant House Alaska. Where I live Covenant House is a community shelter for abused and battered women. Same or coincidence? If its the same, she cut funding for them too.

  3. Barn Owl says:

    Covenant House International provides shelter and support for at-risk, homeless, and “throwaway” youth, throughout the US, Canada, and Central America. There’s a Covenant House in Anchorage that is part of this group-perhaps it was their budget that Palin cut.

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