The McCain Mansions

I think we’re up to nine McCain homes. It’s so hard to keep track:

And the Aristocrats have some clues that you might own too many houses. Then there’s this one with a groovy soundtrack:

Finally, some good, free advice:

There’s a pretty easy way for Obama to knock McCain back on his heels with this patriotism schtick he’s been playing. Separate and apart from the doddering, lying, confused old man part, which will never stick so long as McCain has a supplicant press covering for him, you can hit him hard — very hard — but make it not look below the belt. A simple ad that puts it in a way everyone can really understand. It has to be a minute-long, serious, nearly mournful in tone. scolding. Goes something like this:
“John McCain says he loves this country…and I take him at his word… But even if he didn’t have Bush’s boys running his campaign it’s his bad and reckless judgments that have cost OUR country dearly. cost us all, really. you’ve had your chance and look what you and Bush have done. record foreclosures…an economy in shambles…wages falling…bad judgments that had placed America alone in the world — weaker…thousands dead in Iraq. Bin Laden, free…and an Afghan war McCain ignored, on the brink… we’re on the wrong track and McCain helped put us there. It is his bad judgment, supporting Bush 100% along the way, that has. hurt. us. all. But we can change that. Thanks John, but we’ll take it from here.”
It will drive McCain insane. What’s to refute there? Oh sure they’ll whine but let them (and why hasn’t the Obama campaign hung Phil Gramm around his neck like a millstone: “McCain’s out whining and dining with Phil again….”) In this game the best offense is not defense, it’s a kick in the teeth.

I think, in the midst of all of the nervous about Obama not hitting McCain hard, people seemed to forget that everything was breaking for McCain (a friendly debate, no hard questions being asked, etc.) and very little for Obama. Other than the worst-case environment, Obama flattens McCain.

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6 Responses to The McCain Mansions

  1. Gilipollas Caraculo says:

    Drive McCain insane? That’s no drive, that’s a putt.
    Apologies to Nixon Era golf jokes.

  2. mark h says:

    Thanks for the link, Mike.

  3. TomJoe says:

    Who gives a rats patooie how many houses he has? How many houses do you think the Kennedy’s own? It’s not as if the members of the Democratic Party don’t classify as rich, or as is more often the case … filthy rich. It’s all a friggin sham, and while we get caught up in this piss piddle issues, we continue to get raped.

  4. Woody Tanaka says:

    “Who gives a rats patooie how many houses he has?”
    I don’t care — per se — how many houses McCain has. For me, the issue is: Is someone who can’t remember how many houses he has competent to handle an economy which will impact those of us with only one house.
    And the answer is: no, he is not. Because, like Bush, he’ll give himself, his fellow plutocrats and his corporate buddies massive amounts of our money in tax giveaways, destroy the economy, cripple working people and ship jobs overseas, all to further stuff their already overstuffed pockets.
    The fact that he doesn’t know how many houses he has — like normal people don’t know how many socks or ties they have — just demonstrates his incompetence.

  5. PhysioProf says:

    The reason that it matters that McCain has numerous houses and doesn’t even know how many is that he and his fellow sick-fuck right-wing scumbag operatives have been continually smearing Obama as an “elitist”. It is thus important to make it very clear that McCain and his sleazy despicable henchmen are lying motherfucking hypocrites, who continually smear Democratic politicians with exactly the vile lies that actually in reality truthfully characterize McCain and his fellow right-wing pieces of shit.
    What is important isn’t whether McCain is or isn’t a rich pampered shitheel living off the wealth of his former adulterous mistress, now wife, nor whether he does or doesn’t know how many homes he and his wife own. What is important is that he and his henchmen are depraved lying hypocritical scum.

  6. TomJoe says:

    Gee PhysioProf, tell us how you really feel.

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