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Quote of the Day: Leaving Iraq Isn’t Admitting Defeat…

…and you’ll be surprised who said that.
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Skeptics Circle #91 Is Up

Go check it out.
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Why Are Orthodox Jews So Different on Israel Compared to Other Jews?

Obama has strong support among every denomination except for the Orthodox, where McCain cleans up. But, like every other political poll, there’s no way to find the correlations.
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The Real Cost of Roads: $2.22 per Gallon…

at least in Houston, Texas. No transit system, whether it be rail, automobile, or aviation, can survive without massive subsidies.
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I Don’t Like the Word Darwinism Either

Olivia Judson’s right: get rid of the term Darwinism. Unfortunately, the creationist morons won’t agree.
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David Brooks on Genetics and Human Intelligence…

In some conservative circles, claiming a genetic basis for intelligence is all the rage. Thankfully, one prominent conservative isn’t doing so.
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Healthcare Cost Containment Versus Privatization Uber Alles

Mandating crony capitalism is just as bad, if not worse than healthcare ‘socialism.’
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Sizzle: Needs More Steak

Randy Olson’s Sizzle isn’t bad, but it’s not that good either.
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Widespread Spread Cephalosporin Misuse in Agriculture Stopped…

seven years later?
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Sunday Sermon: We Have Met the Enemy and It Is…

the Crazy Twenty-Sevens.
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