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The Traditional Media Death Spiral Watch: The Brad DeLong Edition

The Washington Post deathwatch continues.
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Posted in Fucking Morons, News Media | 5 Comments It Will Make You More Paranoid Than the Weather Channel

After watching the Weather Channel for a while, you actually start to worry about that cold front moving through some other part of the country. Well, I’ve got an even better way to drive yourself nuts about scary things that won’t affect you.
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Some Thoughts About STAP

Jonathan Eisen has an informatics pipeline for analysis of 16S rRNA sequence. The Mad Biologist has opinions and questions.
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Wildfires and the Failure of Our Security Infrastructure

More DHS follies. In this case, what we have here is a failure to communicate. From a Californian living near the wildfires (the good folks at skippy don’t like capital letters):

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Another Good Question About Faith-Based Initiatives

Money is fungible, so how is the government not supporting sectarian dogma?
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Some Thoughts About the Open Access Kerfuffle

The anger can largely be reduced to one word: Elsevier.
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The Lenski Affair: When Will the Evolution Concern Troll Brigade Arrive?

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen a spate of posts from certain quarters proclaiming that the Lenski-Schlafly dustup is good for creationists.
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Instead of Fighting Terrorists Over There, Why Don’t We…

stop rapists over here.
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Review Articles or Review Chapters?

What’s the incentive for writing a non-peer reviewed book chapter?
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Porn, Stimuli, and the Law of Unintended Consequences

If you’re not for the pornographers, then the terrorists win? Or something.
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