Why Is Bobby Jindal Devaluing My College Education? The Exorcism Edition

I’ve discussed Republican rising star Bobby Jindal’s public support for creationism before. What’s galling is that his idiocy can’t be laid at cognitive deficiency or ignorance. I was in the same graduating class as Jindal, and I know that every biology major had considerable exposure to evolutionary biology.

Clearly, Jindal is being willfully ignorant to avoid theologically inconvenient reality. Now Jindal is further attempting to lower the value of my degree: he performed an exorcism, and believes that it cured the ‘possessed’ woman of cancer.

(Don’t tell Orac, or his head might explode)

As Tristero notes:

Once again, I am amazed by the Republican propensity for elevating genuine weirdos into high office.

Actually, I’m not–they’re working with a very small talent pool, albeit one that functions as a highly regimented cadre (which has benefits for politics, although not governing).

Regardless, can we pull his degree? Obviously, he wasn’t paying attention.

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5 Responses to Why Is Bobby Jindal Devaluing My College Education? The Exorcism Edition

  1. HP says:

    his idiocy can’t be laid at cognitive deficiency or ignorance
    I think that the idea that Republicans are stupid actually works to their advantage. As long as people think Republicans are stupid, they won’t hold Republicans to account for their actions.
    Republicans act stupid on purpose. They goad ordinary people into calling them idiots so that they can turn around and accuse you of elitism. Everybody is made to feel stupid sometimes, so there are some folks who will always identify with Republicans.
    Never let a Republican get away with making you call him stupid. Bobby Jindal knows exactly what he’s saying and what he’s doing.

  2. Phil says:

    Hey Republicans. Explain the rise of MRSA, and bird flu is less than 500 words. Using your magic man hypothesis.

  3. Not A Republican says:

    How about five? A magic man done it.

  4. Paul Murray says:

    Yeah, a bad magic man done it: him name ‘Satan’, him the Devil!

  5. Nice post, it is hilarious but so sad! The Bobby Jindal exorcising a woman who clearly has some kind of seizure problem reminds me of this story I found. It is about a man who claims to have done over 500 exorcisms and some of the people he has “exorcised” seem to also have had some kind of illness. Here is the link to it…http://www.pitch.com.

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