The Definition of Insanity Is When…

…the New York Times gives David Cay Johnston a buyout, and keeps Maureen Dowd on payroll.

Johnston is one of the few reporters with the brains and the patience to understand the intersection of politics and economics. He makes tax policy interesting for Intelligent Designer’s sake. And unlike Dowd, he is actually part of the Coalition of the Sane.
Fucking insane.

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2 Responses to The Definition of Insanity Is When…

  1. SLC says:

    Re Maureen Dowd
    It is rather hard to understand the fascination of the powers that be at the NYT with Ms. Dowd who is a moron of monumental proportions. The late James Reston must turn over in his grave everytime her inane column appears in the paper. The only rational explanation for her presence is that she must be having an affair with one of the executives.

  2. Comstock says:

    I like Dowd. She inspires me. It was from her that I learned that all you need to do to have a column in the paper of record is to watch a tv sitcom, skim one article in your newspaper about politicans, and then compare the politicians to characters in the sitcom. Instant column! Following her method saves a lot of work. Reporting is not easy, you know, so it is nice to find ways to cut it out of one’s journalism.

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