Help Kay Weber Fight Sexist Pigs at Fermilab

Kay Weber, a scientist at Fermilab, has filed a sexual harassment suit against the Department of Energy. The details are pretty disgusting:

She supervised a group of about 25 male technicians and engineers. A few years later she started to experience sexual harassment. She found jock straps in her office, condoms in her mailbox, derogatory notes in her mailbox and written on public bulletin boards. As a result she was removed from her position and placed in other departments for several years (yes, she was punished). Eventually she was returned to her original department and forced to report to a technician – one who she had previously supervised. She was forced to undergo discriminatory treatment on a regular basis and she often complained.

The truly awful thing is that your tax dollars are being spent to defend these assholes. Whether you’re a working scientist or simply a member of the Coalition of the Sane, it’s our responsibility to ensure that scientists who behave like this are punished. Unfortunately, to do this, individuals have to file lawsuits which cost money. So, if you can, kick in a few bucks to help maintain the integrity of science–and your government.
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