Physicist Foster Wins Congressional Election!

And in a Republican stronghold no less:

Twenty minutes after unofficially becoming the Fox Valley’s newest congressman-elect, Democrat Bill Foster surprised the raucous crowd at Long Island Sound Banquets in Aurora when he entered from a rear door. Seconds later, chants of “Foster, Foster” clearly announced the former Fermilab scientist was now a congressman.
Foster’s party entrance befitted the stunning win over perennial GOP bridesmaid Jim Oberweis. He topped Oberweis by just more than 5,000 votes, unofficially, across the 14th Congressional District to fill the remainder of retired Rep. Dennis Hastert’s term.
“Back in the lab, this is something we’d call a pretty successful experiment,” Foster deadpanned to start a 14-minute victory speech.
After collecting hugs from his teary-eyed children, Foster thanked voters, “who demanded change and got it,” and his army of campaign staff and volunteers.

Since this was a special election, Foster will be challenged by Oberweis again in nine months. That means Foster needs your support, not blather about a debate. Go here to contribute, if you can afford it. If we’re serious about getting scientific issues raised and successfully promoted in the political arena, we need to support scientists who run for office.
That means you open your wallet and donate. It’s time to put up or shut the fuck up.
Related note: Darksyde of Daily Kos has carried much of the water on this in blogosphere. Darksyde must be very happy right now….

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  1. crf says:

    On his website you can choose to endorse him, and on this web form he has a field where you can describe yourself. One of the choices is Nobel Prize winner.
    I initially thought that was a little tongue in cheek. It isn’t.

  2. erotik shop says:


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