Like the Mighty River Jordan*…

the blogs keep rolling on. More Blogroll Amnesty**. If you link to me and you’re not an asshole or a fucking moron, let me know and I’ll return the favor (instructions below). For now, say hello to: Tangled Up in Blue Guy, Sorting Out Science, The force that through…, jobsanger, no fish, no nuts, The Barefoot Bum, miriam’s ideas.

In the comments below, give me two lines, the first with the blog name, the second with the html code. For example:
Mike the Mad Biologist
*I’ve seen the Jordan River. It’s not that mighty.
**Hell, I’m a librul–I say let all of us little bloggers into blogtopia (and yes, skippy invented that phrase).

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9 Responses to Like the Mighty River Jordan*…

  1. ywut
    I might be a moronic asshole, though.

  2. decrepitoldfool
    Rather be a fucking moron than a non-fucking one.

  3. SteveG says:

    Philosophers’ Playground
    As J.S. Mill said, “Tis better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied, better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied, better to be a librul dissatisfied than an asshole or fucking moron satisfied, and if the fool, the pig, the asshole, or the fucking asshole disagree it’s because they’re fools, pigs, morons, or fucking assholes.” I’m paraphrasing here…

  4. Sycanman says:

    Asshole? Possibly.. although I suppose that is a matter of perspective 🙂
    Seriously, though, I really don’t care if people agree with my views (OK, maybe a little bit) or not. If my rants inspire someone, somewhere, to step away from the herd and begin to think for themselves- then maybe- just maybe, my time has been well spent.

  5. Endosymbiosis
    I am most assuredly a moronic asshole.

  6. Thanks, Mike!

  7. slim says:

    “not an asshole or a fucking moron” – that’s high praise indeed. I may have to add that to my blog banner.
    Thanks for the link –

  8. archcrone says:

    The Crone Speaks
    Archcrone added you to her roll a while ago, after a linky-goodness post to her. I may be behind on my posting, still getting in the swing of things after kidney problems, but the Archcrone also participates in the REAL blogroll amnesty — got a link, she’s happy to reciprocate

  9. Moses Miles says:

    Definitely not a moron. Just a thinker with a faith. I hope you’ll add me.
    Three Sticks

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