Creationism and Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism: One and the Same

Dave Neiwert, of Orcinus, reviews conservative propagandist Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. This part jumped out at me (italics mine):

Liberal Fascism is like a number of other recent attempts at historical revisionism by popular right-wing pundits — including, notably, Michelle Malkin’s attempt to justify the Japanese-American internment in her book In Defense of Internment, and Ann Coulter’s attempt to rehabilitate McCarthy’s reputation in her book Treason — in that it employs the same historical methodology used by Holocaust deniers and other right-wing revanchists: namely, it selects a narrow band of often unrepresentative facts, distorts their meaning, and simultaneously elides and ignores whole mountains of contravening evidence and broader context. These are simply theses in search of support, not anything like serious history.

Kinda sounds like the entire Discovery Institute, doesn’t it?
The whole review is worth a read.

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