Girly Versus Manly

A tale of two political videos. First, girly:

Now, manly:

Here endeth the snark.

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4 Responses to Girly Versus Manly

  1. Nicole says:

    So manly means you get someone else to cry for you? Thanks for the clarification :).

  2. Girly rather than womanly but manly rather than boyish?

  3. Oops, maybe that was exactly your point….

  4. skippy says:

    haven’t been able to find it, but rachel maddow on msnbc was trying to make the point that mitt “don’t call me baseball glove” romney cried three times on camera last month.
    pat buchanan defended him because one of those times mitt was misting up about his religion finally acquiescing to letting men of color become bishops in their church, which i guess according to pat is manly.
    now that’s manly!

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